How is your screencasting business different? Why should people be excited about your video training courses or YouTube tutorials over others in your industry? Whether you are just getting started in Screencasting or have been at it for a few years, it’s not too late to differentiate your business. It […]

Quick Guide to Making Your Video Screencasting Business Stand Out

PPT vs Camtasia
I got an email today, from a video creator, asking me the following: “I need to create a series of videos for my customers, training videos, and then I also want to create a series of video sales letters. To date, I’ve been using power point with animations and voice overs. […]

How to Choose the Right Tool for your Video (Camtasia vs. PowerPoint)

6 Simple Tips to Vitalize Your Boring PowerPoint Slides
Presentations are all about communication and visual communication is one of the major ways we receive that information.  In the culinary world there’s a saying “We eat with our eyes first”. And it’s the same with presentations. Your PowerPoint slides need to capture the viewers’ attention with clean consistent slides […]

6 Simple Tips to Revitalize Your Boring PowerPoint Slides

Webinar Assistant Services
So, you’re ready to provide Webinar Assistance as a service – smart move! There are thousands of clients who want to deliver webinars and their popularity is constantly growing. That means the opportunity to earn good money providing webinar services is wide open. Before you can offer your services for […]

Your No Fluff Formula for Pricing Your Webinar Assistant Services

Learn to Create the Three Types of Software Demos every Website Needs
Did you know there are three very different types of screencast videos that are all important when you have a client with a software application that they’d like to market on the internet? I find that people often get confused about the differences in the following videos so I have […]

The Three Types of Software Demos