Got Complicated Procedures to Explain? That’s Exactly Why You Need a Screencast Video

If you’ve ever found yourself tearing through your whole house looking for an instruction booklet to fix a phone, tablet or other device that had the audacity to stop working just when you needed it most, then you know how important it is to know the procedure for things.

We’re all familiar with videos and know that they help us learn, visualize and, occasionally watch cats doing silly things on the internet.  And, best of all, if done well, they can add tangible learning benefits to eLearning courses.

When something can be better explained by showing vs. telling then you have a chance to use video very effectively.

Camtasia Studio

Videos are wonderful visual tools that can really help some learners understand and remember complex procedures. And screencasts created with Camtasia Studio are great at showing how software applications run, how to use the features of a website or membership site and just about anything you can record on your computer screen. Here are other examples of procedures that would benefit from screencast video:

  • How to fill out a form or an anything with fields and options.
  • How to navigate through a web application
  • How to demonstrate the features and benefits of a new software tool. 

Note: If audio is available where your student will be watching the video, you can also include a screencast demonstration  with a voice recording.

Videos are an area where good quality is more important than with other resources. The last thing you want is to produce a low-budget, groan-worthy video.  Hire professionals whenever possible. Bad audio and editing can really be distracting and prevent learners from engaging in your content. There are thousands of online resources to get you started!

Creating Procedures Videos with Camtasia  is a service I offer but if you’d prefer to learn to do them yourself then take a look at my “Screencasting Essentials: From Lame to Fame” course.  It is on sale for 50% off until Friday.  Use the coupon code “notlame”.