How to Choose the Right Tool for your Video (Camtasia vs. PowerPoint)

PPT vs CamtasiaI got an email today, from a video creator, asking me the following:

“I need to create a series of videos for my customers, training videos, and then I also want to create a series of video sales letters. To date, I’ve been using power point with animations and voice overs. What is the difference in going with something like Camtasia?”

Often, people are not sure which tool will be the most efficient for the type of video they are creating.  So, I’ve created this list of what Camtasia offers vs. what PowerPoint offers to help you make the best choice.  And, since Lon and I use both tools pretty equally you can be sure there is no biases towards one or the other.


Use Camtasia for your Video When you Want to:

  • Record your computer screen such as software showing yourself inputting info into fields or clicking on dropdowns, etc.(tutorial or software demo)
  • Add interactivity such as quizzes or surveys
  • Have a table of contents along the side so people can easily navigate between Modules and Lessons of a training course
  • Zoom and pan to different parts of the screen so viewers can see things in more detail.
  • Have access to a wide of screen effects such as blur and spotlight (which PowerPoint doesn’t have)
  • Have clickable hyperlinks on the screen -so people can click on the screen and go somewhere else (like to another website, video or document).
  • Be able to do a lot of editing after recording.
  • Have the ability to manipulate the cursor and hide it when necessary.  Camtasia Studio
  • Have more options to re-size the video and produce it at smaller size so it will take up less server space and will be faster to load
  • Be able to share the video to a free service like for hosting.  They provide the only player that allows all  the interactivity to work.

There are probably lots more benefits that I’m forgetting but I have to say that the main thing to think about is the quality of the screen capture videos. I would never use a PowerPoint video if I had intention on including a computer screen recording as it will be really difficult to watch.

Use PowerPoint for your Video When You want to:

  • Make a Marketing or Sales video
    that doesn’t include a screen recording (capture of your computer screen or cell phone)
  • Make an Explainer Video
  • Create a video that is highly animated
  • Create slides for a Webinar. If you intend to turn the replay into a training course, you may still need Camtasia to edit it and divide it into Lessons.
  • Create soft skills training (not technical training) with no interactivity
  • Use one of the many predesigned, preanimated PowerPoint Templates available to generate a presentation style video more quickly

Did you know that if you decide to purchase PowerPoint you can get it without having to buy the entire Microsoft Office suite? And, if you decide Camtasia is the right tool you can get Camtasia Studio here with a bunch of free bonuses.

Hope this helps with your decision.  And I would love if you could comment below if you feel that I have left any important differences out.