How to Create a Proposal for a Marketing Video

Have you ever had to create a flat bid price for a video you were doing for a client? I have a new client who wants a sales and marketing style video but is not sure exactly what “look and feel” they would like.  Over the last couple hours I have been putting together some ideas  to help him decide. He has a set budget of about $1,000 and just wants to get as much creativity as possible in 2 minutes for that set amount.

Now my little brain is going to work and I get to have some fun.

Some Options for his Video

How to Create a Proposal for a Marketing Video

He mentioned that he liked the organic feel of  hand drawn images in a video so I may introduce him to what we can do in Video Scribe. Or use a technique I recently played around with using a Bamboo tablet and drawing over some images so it looks hand drawn.

He wants to keep it to about 30 seconds which is very short but I always tell my clients that under 2 minutes is perfect for a marketing piece because most people really don’t want to watch anything longer. You also want to keep the visuals moving.  Notice how quickly the visuals change in this TechSmith Screenchamp winning video. It keeps you completely engaged.

What to Charge

My plan is to show him 3 options.  If the client wants me to

  • create the script
  • do the voice over
  • choose a concept that demands a lot of PowerPoint animation and special effects

the price will be closer to the $1,000 mark.

If he chooses a theme with more still photos and very little animation and writes the script himself it will be much less.

I generally write all the items that will be included in the full scope of the project (and what won’t be included-out of scope) then give a flat price. I rarely work by the hour any more because I’ve gotten very fast with PowerPoint and Camtasia, so, not only would I not earn enough that way, but clients usually like prefer to know up front what the final cost will be.  It is much more professional.

Here’s a sample of a video proposal I created a while back. You are welcome to use it for your own projects.  If you have any tips about writing project proposals that you would like to share I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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