Here are some of my most popular training courses. Please email me at if you are not sure which course is right for you.

Camtasia 9 Workshop Series

Camtasia 9 Workshops

Discover how to use Camtasia 9 to create 4 types of in-demand videos. Participate in four live workshops where we show you how to create the following videos: Training Course, “How-to” Tips, Software Demo/ Website Tutorial, and Affiliate Product Review. Each workshops includes an additional Q&A session.

Learn more about our Camtasia 9 Workshop Series here.

PowerPoint For Video

Many people, over the course of their professional careers, have created at least one presentation with PowerPoint and just being familiar with all the other Microsoft tools means that you will also be familiar with the PowerPoint interface.

Learning how to create your own title screens, themes and animations with this powerful tool will, not only save you thousands of dollars by not paying someone else to do it, but you’ll save weeks of time and your finished video will be much more interesting and visually engaging.

The PowerPoint For Video tutorials are a 4 hour series of webinar recordings where Lon Naylor & I demonstrate real world examples of how to use just the PowerPoint features you need to get amazing results.

Get all the details on the PowerPoint For Video Course here.

Elearning Video Training Templates

elearning video training templates

If you would like to join the many successful Internet Entrepreneurs who are profiting from the demand for high quality instructional videos, we have a very inexpensive way for you to get started. Use our PowerPoint slides to create a template for your next tutorial or multi-lesson course.

Learn more about the Elearning Video Training Templates course here.

Webinar Mastery Bootcamp

Webinar Mastery Bootcamp

Discover how to set-up, produce and market webinars for any type of client. Many of your clients already know about webinars. They’ve attended them and are either doing webinars or want to do them — with your help of course!

Having the ability to setup, manage, market and leverage webinars can be challenging for many business owners. There’s a lot of different webinar providers, some basics to know and let’s face it, many of your clients simply don’t have the time or desire to learn how to do them right. The Webinar Mastery Bootcamp will essentially give you the set-up and marketing formula for running hugely successful webinars for yourself or your clients!

Check out the Webinar Mastery Bootcamp training here.

A Career in Screencasting

Ready to make marketing videos for your own business or your clients using a screencasting video tool like Camtasia? Check out this course on how to become a Screencast Video Specialist.

One of the highest paid skills to offer on the internet are those related to video production. For many people it can seem complex and intimidating, but with this training you will have a highly sought, in-demand skill that pays dividends over and over. There are so many different types of clients, like authors, coaches, information marketers and software developers that would love to create video for their business, but often lack the time and expertise to do so and that’s where you come in.

Learn more about A Career in Screencasting here.

Camtasia 8 Training

This is exactly the course you need if you are interested in learning how the pros use Camtasia to make fabulous marketing and e-learning videos. Over 12 hours worth of video showing you our work flow from start to finish. You will learn how to make fabulous marketing or training videos for your web pages. You will even learn how to put everything onto Amazon S3 . Learn where to get all the resources you need for images, stock video footage and music. Our training differs from any other training you can get because Lon and I know the exact work flow to get your videos done faster and they will look better than 90% of the screencasts out on the web today.

Learn more about our Camtasia 8 Training here.

Marketing Your Video Courses on Amazon and eBay

DVD Course

How would you like to be the expert in your field, teach others what you know and let eBay and Amazon reach your customers for you? Learn how to CREATE a video on ANY topic and how to make sure thousands of people see it so you can SELL it as well! After taking this course, you’ll be armed with the tools and information you need to create and sell DVDs of your video course.

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