The Three Types of Software Demos

Did you know there are three very different types of screencast videos that are all important when you have a client with a software application that they’d like to market on the internet?

I find that people often get confused about the differences in the following videos so I have to ask a lot of questions about who will be watching them. So take a look at the three types and think carefully about what your client really needs as you begin to work on their project.

Learn to Create the Three Types of Software Demos every Website Needs

Front Page Attention-Grabbing Screencast

For the front page of their website you’ll want to suggest a short, punchy screencast which grabs the viewer’s attention. I’d suggest something 1-3 minutes, with a voice-over, stepping through your software’s main features and discussing your unique sales proposition.

The aim of the screencast would be to pique the viewer’s interest and to make them interested in learning more about the product. Ultimately you’d aim to make the user so interested that they try a demo, resulting in a higher conversion rate for your client.

Longer Feature-Demo

Once a user is investigating your site, the benefit and feature-lists will make more of an impact if the user can see a 3-5 minute walk-through which demonstrates these points. Each walk-through should aim to show common use cases in action, so the user immediately understands why your product solves their problem. The aim of each screencast is to increase the chance of their user deciding to buy their product.

Tutorials and Training

After the potential buyer becomes a customer and user of the product, you may want suggest your client  provide them with a training course or at least some video tutorials that will walk them through the features in greater detail. These types of videos are great for helping users get the most out of their product and reducing calls to customer support.
Now that you know exactly what types of videos your client needs, as a Camtasia Screencast Specialist you’re ready tto walk them through the process.